B.J.Thomas Began his Musical career

at a very early age as for as long as he can remember his family took their annual Holidays in the Isle of Man where other family members had relocated from their native Manchester. BJs older cousin was the drummer in the Islands top rock group and often took him on the gigs they played. This was in the heady Mersey Beat era of the 60s and a young BJ clearly remembers meeting the Beatles and Eric Clapton who was later to become one of his Idols Of course this had a great effect on BJ and aged 11 he was soon scouring the local music shops for a suitable guitar On the next visit to the Island he was up there playing with the best of them supporting the top bands of the time He even recalls watching Jeanne Jordan sing with Andy Gibbs Band although Jeanne and BJ never actually met until much later BJ joined his first pro country band at the age of 16 singing and playing lead guitar on the Irish country circuit It was a chance meeting when Jeanne joined his band that led to them hooking up and touring the

World with their own show It was one such tour of the South Western American states that they first conceived the Country Legends show which has been much refined over the years after many more trips to the US.